God is writing a great big story and you have a standing invitation to be a part of it. When you hear a story about God’s supernatural work in someone’s life, it builds your faith. Every week, host Meridith Foster sits down with a guest to share their chapter in God’s unfolding story – this is The Unfolding podcast.

Page 161: Scott HamiltoJune 2, 2023
Scott Hamilton is one of the most recognized male figure skating stars in the world, winning four World Championships and Olympic gold in 1984. He is a three-time cancer survivor, television broadcaster, motivational speaker, and more. Scott says failure is the thing that has fueled much of his success. God used the challenge of Scott’s journey with cancer to get his attention and to grab his heart.

Page 161: Page TurnerMay 26, 2023
Long before Page Turner began transforming houses on HGTV shows like “Flip or Flop,” “Rock the Block,” and “Fix My Flip,” she experienced the transformation of her own heart. Raised by her agnostic mother, she was exposed to many different religions as a child. But at 19, she met Jesus. As a single mother and sole provider for three young daughters, she desperately needed God to transform her life. Along the way she became a real estate broker, entrepreneur, and TV host as she learned to follow God wherever He leads.

Page 160: Austin FrenchMay 19, 2023
Austin French grew up in church but, for a long time, he despised Christians. It seemed religion was all about pretending your life was perfect, and Austin’s life was anything but that. Living with an abusive father, he learned to hide his bruises and put on a smile. He swore that when he was old enough, he would run as far as his cynicism would take him. But an encounter with Jesus at 13 changed Austin’s heart, and he committed to using his musical talents to telling people about Him. After appearing on national television shows like The Voice” and “Rising Star,” Austin has become a successful singer and songwriter with songs like “Freedom Hymn,” “Born Again,” and “Jesus Can.”


Brant Hansen is from small-town Illinois, and is a self-professed nerd, diagnosed with Asperger’s as an adult. He’s a fan of C.S. Lewis and toast. “Producer Sherri,” also a radio veteran, is from Pittsburgh, has one of the world’s great laughs, and demonstrates incredible patience with Brant. Both are believers in Jesus, but have difficulty fitting in with modern American church culture. Together they have a daily radio show that is syndicated across the country, with segments ranging from the latest animal news, to interactions with listeners, to discussions about how messy life can be, and how good God is.
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“Passion Meets Purpose” with Sarah Taylor – May 1, 2023, “I Am Not Afraid” with Meredith Leatherwood, Mother of Children Who Attend The Covenant School
She says that she is closer to God today than she ever has been. Meredith Leatherwood joins Sarah Taylor to talk about what she walked through going through her worst nightmare – the shooting at The Covenant School. She talks about the hope, the healing, and how God has shown up.

“Passion Meets Purpose” with Sarah Taylor – February 22, 2023, guest is Producer Sherri
Her name is Sherri Lynn. You might know her as the producer from The Brant Hansen Show that airs afternoons on Word FM. Her new podcast “Snacks & Good Company” is launching so go check that out after you listen to this interview. You’ll love this conversation with Sherri as we dive into identity, what shapes us and the foundation we all should build our lives upon.

“Snacks & Good Company” trailer
Snacks & Good Company isn’t all about snacks. It’s about tackling tough topics with humility and humor…and yes, snacks! You bring the snacks (I’ll be having popcorn!) and we’ll bring the good company. Starts Feb. 22!

Snacks & Good Company, Episode 1: Mom to Mom: What Kind of Mom Are You? – Feb 22, 2023
Older moms with adult children talk to moms of young children. The seasoned moms talk about how they got through it, the beauty on the other side, and how to help our kids love and adore Jesus. Special Co-host: Jackie Nickel.

Snacks & Good Company, Episode 2: Mom to Mom: You’re Their Influencer – Mar 1, 2023
Sherri Lynn and special co-host Jackie Nickel are back in this second episode! First off, you’ll hear about favorite snacks and why snacks are delicious and important (Yes, they are important!). In this episode, Tami Hamilton joins us and we are so excited to talk about her eight kids and the things she learned along the way, including some nuggets that we can all apply to parenting when raising successful kids who love Jesus.

Snacks & Good Company, Episode 3: Mom to Mom: When There’s Trauma, Divorce, Poverty (Spoiler Alert: God is STILL Faithful) – Mar 8, 2023
*Disclaimer: This is not the best episode to listen to with your kids present. Put those earbuds in for this.
Ms. Bev is in the house! It’s the moment you’ve wanted, Sherri’s mom joins the conversation. Hear how the Lord made all the difference as Sherri navigated a childhood full of trauma. Plus, Sherri and her aunt talk directly to you if you don’t have kids and are listening. You still have a part to play in the village. If you are a single mom working hard, divorced, or wondering where your perfect husband and picket fence are, you’ll find this super encouraging! Special Co-host: Jackie Nickel.

Snacks & Good Company, Episode 4: Mom to Mom: Raising Kids to Love Jesus – Mar 15, 2023
How do you raise a kid who loves Jesus? Moms from all walks of life join Sherri and Jackie as they go head first into this topic. What are the things we can do to help our kids cling to their faith? You will come away richer after this conversation with practical things to implement with your kids as well as a reminder that you aren’t alone in the battle.

Snacks & Good Company, Episode 5: Focusing Their Light Without Dimming It – Mar 23, 2023
How do you encourage kids in their God-given gifts? How do you do this well? That is the question posed for this last episode in the Mom to Mom series on Snacks & Good Company. Hear from moms young and old as we look at how we cultivate and teach our kids to embrace who they are meant to be. Special Co-host: Jackie Nickel

Life is challenging for Christian singles. How do you balance work and personal life? How do you own your faith? How can you date with a purpose? And prepare for marriage? All while honoring God through it all? Hit up The Boundless Show, a Christian podcast for young adults, for some good, honest conversation. The young adult years are full of possibility and choices that shape who you become. Join host Lisa Anderson to discuss the highs and lows, lean on each other, and trust God in this important season of adulthood.
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Episode 800: Happy 800th! – June 1, 2023
Reflecting on 800 episodes, plus more with Dr. Greg Smalley on preparing for a great marriage, and is church membership biblical?

Meet the Gamechangers, the Influencers, and those who are not afraid to show up with a shovel if that’s what it takes to move a mountain. Go inside the minds of true American trailblazers who are making a difference by sharing their stories of personal triumph, overcoming obstacles, defeating fear, fighting addiction, and rejecting failure. Hosted by nine-time Emmy winner David Sams with life coach to the stars, Tim Storey, and TV personality, Victoria Robinson.
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#199 ANNE NEILSON takes a blank canvas, paintbrush, worship music and the inspiration of angels to find her calling
Talk about what’s meant to be will always find its way – nationally renowned artist Anne Neilson is living proof. In her new memoir called The Brushstrokes of Life, Anne details her winding journey to her successful painting career. Growing up in a broken home, flunking out of college, and focusing on raising her four kids all were trials set to derail her passions in life, but faith stepped in. The nine-time Emmy winning David Sams gets to hear it all from the artist who is known for her ethereal Angel Series paintings, which are reflections of her faith.