Release A Water Filter With Your Monthly Gift

When you begin giving monthly to Word FM at $40 or more, a water filter good for 60 years will be released to a family in Honduras through our partnership with Healthy Niños. When you support Word FM, you’re giving clean water AND life change.

Why Honduras?

In 1998, Honduras was hit by Hurricane Mitch which left 75% of the country without safe drinking water, and the country has not yet recovered from the damage to the infrastructure it caused. More than half a million people lack safe water.

Women are disproportionately affected by the water crisis, as it is often their responsibility to collect water. This takes time away from school, work, and caring for the household. Lack of water traps women in a cycle of poverty. Young children and infants are more susceptible to water-related diseases.

Clean and safe water is essential to healthy living.

Why Healthy Niños?

Emerging as a new organization in late 2017 from the long-established MAMA Project, Healthy Niños Honduras focuses on helping children with malnutrition and their families – programs include the Nutrition Center, deworming programs, medical & construction brigades, and community education.

Over the years, Word FM has enjoyed a lengthy relationship with the staff of both Healthy Niños and MAMA Project.

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